Character Makeup

Character makeup is making an actor into another person by altering his or hers appearance so it fits the character they are playing and not necessary special effects makeup.  Probably one of the best know character was Ray Bolger when he played the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. If the character is mean, kind, fat, thin or ugly you must change the actors own features to match this. Character make up plays an important role, because there are a lot of different methods such as wigs, false teeth and facial prosthetics that the makeup artist has to blend in. One of the basics of doing most character makeup is with light and shadows using greasepaint.

In an unique ad for Encad, a Kodak Company, Doris had to research the Papua tribe in New Guinea and create a realistic look for a international ad.

She has worked for Direct TV magazine in making sports fans for their magazine cover. And has applied her skills for Halloween costume company transforming models into tigresses, vampires, warriors and firemen.