Fashion and Editorial Makeup

Fashion make-up is used in magazine photography, commercial prints, as well as on the runway. This branch of make-up design is often highly stylized and is usually focused on making the model or actor look as attractive as possible. The makeup artist first starts with a foundation that come in creams, cakes, powders, liquids, gels, tints and moisturizers are just the start. Then comes the base, cover ups, concealers, under eye cover, blemish concealer, primer, powers and eye shadows to name a few. All of this tranforms the model into a eye-stunning beauty that the fashion demands before poising hours in front of glaring light and flashing cameras as these models Jolie Benoit, Rachael Murphy, Anna Volkoff, Jaclyn Faye go through with Doris’s makeup

Runway makeup sets the trends in fashion. A runway makeup artist has to be diverse in applications and fast in applying. On one model it can be the metallic eye, that is known for the hot summer look, to those bold bright lips that make models rock down the runway. Another model may have the pale lips that has been an ongoing trend of the nude look. And without missing a brush stoke, Doris can go back to the 80s where the rosy red blush that gives the runway model a look of harder and dramatic.