Mens Grooming and Makeup

Mancake as it has been called when men apply makeup. Men on television such as news anchors, talk host hosts, and commercial actors use makeup on a daily basis. The makeup artist is probably known for the men that trot down the runway. So, is it really not that of a big of a deal if a man wants to wear makeup. As with women it covers up their blemishes, abnormally large pores, and some other facial flaws. Since the lifestyle of a metrosexual man has become widely accepted and even cool in today’s world, makeup for men may not be such a taboo as it would have been even just a few years ago. Male makeup is becoming as common as lipstick.

One of Doris most famous makeup’s was the “Got Milk” commercial, which featured, a  New England football player. She has also provided male makeup services for commercial prints like, Lees Rider Jeans as many of the photos show.