Special Effects – Blood, Gore and Halloween Makeup

doris-makeup Doris recently did a commercial shoot for a Wendy’s commercial where she aged this young women to look like she was in her mid-60s with latex only and no prosthetics.

The photo on the left show how Doris progressively applies makeup to a man growing a beard, with the final results to the photo on the right.

The use of special effects make-up can be found in all possible areas of make-up and includes all blood, goreĀ  and Halloween type of make-up techniques as well as fantasy make-up and the use of prosthetics. This area often becomes a much more complicated process as plaster casting and other crafts are needed to complete the make-up. Prosthetic makeup is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects. Prosthetic makeup was revolutionized by Dick Smith in such films as Little Big Man.

Doris displays her talent in the above photo like where she makes famed skateboard rider, Bucky Lasek appear with a skin diseases for an ad for Airwalk Genetic Shoes and shows the sadness in burn victim and abuse women for commercial print. Taylor Guitar, Burn Institute and IT ads have used Doris to help brand their products in commercial print.