Video & Movie Effects – High Definition Makeup

Recent Wendy’s Commercial that Doris provided her Makeup talents to.

High Definition Television has sparked a new challenge for the makeup artist because it exposes makeup flaws like never before, so the makeup artist has to achieve, perfection!

This is new technology has also caused a new demand of cosmetics, which are now designed to achieve a flawless-looking face under the microscope of pore-magnifying, fine line-focusing, high-definition television. Makeup is now designed for high endurance and tested in the studio in front of the high definition camera lens by makeup artists like Doris Lew. Traditional makeup with airbrush art techniques now have to be out-fitting with the artist skills to create an ideal look that can stand up to the most critical medium, the hi-D that is being used for video, cable and movie viewing.

What this means, in the past it was easy to fool the audience or when your working on a film that’s intended for a Standard Definition medium camera. However, nowadays, HD and Ultra-HD are the latest rage and that means makeup artists need to know the technical knowledge behind the medium they will be working with. With airbrushing you can achieve flawless coverage that will even fool an IMAX camera. Airbrush makeup is sprayed through an airbrush gun as a liquid formula, the formula gets broken up into an even mist that covers the skin evenly and naturally for the camera eye.

Making Up Mary Murphy (Judge on, So You Think You Can Dance)
To achieve Mary’s close-up ready complexion, makeup artist Doris Lew started by applying Luminess Air foundation, an organic, water-based, ultra-light airbrush makeup to clean skin. This provided a finished but not made-up appearance while adding some color to Mary’s complexion.