Doris Lew – San Diego Makeup Artist – Fashion, Beauty and Character

In the eye of the camera, public spotlight, and fashion design or for that special occasion the makeup artist has become a profession of glamour and excitement. Doris Lew puts over 30 years of skill and talent creating faces and special images to go with a stylistic effect or a design she has created. Her credits and personal services involve TV, film, theater, fashion, body painting, television production, magazine covers, special effects, and commercials with clientele of celebrities to those of special occasions, like preparing a bride for her wedding day. Doris professionalism is in a variety of fields and services; including commercial print, body painting, and fashion makeup, hair styling, fantasy, special effects, character makeup, men’s grooming and film makeup.

ENHANCE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FEATURES with a Professional Makeup Artist

Most women in general have their standard way of applying makeup, which in many cases is the same way they’ve been applying it since they were in their 20’s because it was a time in their lives when they looked their best and believe that applying their makeup the same way will continue their image of what they used to look like. But as age sets in, our faces start to sag and get wrinkles and skin tone may become uneven.
Many misconceptions women have as they get older is that they have a lot more to hide and feel a need to cake on foundation, which in reality only brings attention to all their imperfections. It can be difficult for women to keep up with the makeup trends and to know how to change their makeup to suit the changing needs of their faces.
Instead of running  to the department store for a makeover with an associate who will try and sell you everything you do not necessarily need or will never use, turning to a professional makeup artist who can bring out your natural  beauty with a healthy glow – something that represents youth and vitality that women of all ages look to achieve.  A professional can enhance ones best features and troubleshoot and create an illusion  to hide the imperfections or flaws without looking overly done.
Whether you have a special occasion such as a party or wedding, just going out with friends, or maybe want to look extra radiant for your significant other, a professional makeup artist can create the look you are trying to accomplish. From the “natural  beach girl next door” look to a glammed-up  bolder look, makeup artist Doris Lew at Making Up can help you achieve your makeup and hair needs and make you feel pampered.